Getting Started

In this guide, we’re going to be guiding you through all the necessary steps in order to:

  • Get Noticed by Employers & Get Your Resume in Order
  • Where To Find Employment In Canada
  • How To Liason With Canadian Employers And Help Them get a Validated Job Offer By Hrsdc (LMIA)
  • The New Rules And New Document Requirements For Work Permit
  • Sample Submission Letters
  • Visa Office Locations Nearest To You
  • Useful Tips

Having been through the whole immigration process ourselves, we understand how frustrating and bewildering it can be, and hope that we can help you navigate through the legal hurdles & pathways to Immigrate to Canada and understand a little better what steps need to be taken in order to successfully qualify and apply for your Canadian Work Permit.



Within this guide, you will find 4 key sections, followed by the appropriate forms, document checklist and sample forms or documents, that you will be required to complete and submit to the relevant Employers / The Labour Department / Embassy

Please set aside enough time to familiarize yourself with the procedure, and all of the required steps in order to obtain a Positive LMIA / Job Offer / Work Permit from CIC

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