Attract the attention of a Canadian Employer & assure them that your qualifications are the best possible fit for their open position

  • Make sure you include your name at the top middle, left or right corner on the first page of your Resume and also at the top of page 2 in case they are separated
  • Include relevant experience and volunteer experience as well
  • Focus on your accomplishments and the results you got. Employers want to see number whenever possible
  • The Cover Letter is your “sales pitch” where you are the ‘product” so it’s vital to have good communication skills in order to “sell’ yourself
  • A good Cover Letter can help you land that interview
  • Your Cover Letter needs to be addressed to a specific Person inside the company which you are applying in and have a catchy headline along with the name of the position you’re applying for
  • List your qualifications in a presentable manner.
  • Focus on your skills and achievements.
  • Do not go overboard! Your Cover Letter needs to be 3-4 short sentences and needs to focus on what you can bring to the company, cover your work experience shortly, and how your experience can benefit the company where you’re applying at
  • Don’t forget to also demonstrate your knowledge about the company and the position being offered.
  • End the letter with a polite and subtle hint that you would very much appreciate if the employer can contact you back


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