Finding a Job in Canada by leveraging the power of Social Networking / Employment Sites

  • Call everyone you know and tell them you’re looking for work.
  • Ask each person if he/she can recommend someone else you could talk to.
  • Contact associations related to your occupation/industry
  • Almost all prominent Canadian Job Search Portals (Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder etc…) feature thousands of Job Vacancies from major Canadian Employers where you can Upload/Create your Resume & apply for a Temporary/Permanent Job in Canada.

Browsing the “Canadian Recruiters” directories of Yellow Pages Canada, Yelp & others will also present lists of some of the most reputable recruitment agencies for you to search for positions, as well as prominent companies in Canada for you to do some research on, who have their own careers section on their websites so that you may apply directly.

Through doing this, you will be tapping into the hidden job market in Canada, where statistics show that up to 60% of new Canada Jobs are filled without advertising, and you should aim to spend equal amounts of time applying for jobs both through the hidden Job Market (Approaching Canadian Recruiters to find out about available Job Vacancies) as well as regular job sites (as noted above)

Next up: Job Fairs

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