If the Job Offer Requires a LMIA

Your employer will be required to complete an Application for a Labour Market Opinion and submit it to the appropriate Service Canada Centre serving his region.

Service Canada considers the following factors in an LMIA application

  • The occupation in which the foreign worker will be employed The wages and working conditions offered to the foreign worker
  • The employer’s advertisement and recruitment efforts to hire Canadians/permanent residents
  • The associated labour market benefits that may occur from hiring the foreign worker (e.g., transfer of new skills/knowledge, creation/retention of jobs, etc.)
  • Consultations with organised labour if the position the foreign worker will fill is part of a bargaining unit
  • Determination if the entry of the foreign worker is likely to affect the settlement of an ongoing labour dispute

Please note that for certain occupations the employer may also be required to submit an employment contract which will be considered as part of the LMIA assessment.

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