Finding a Job in Canada by tapping into the “Hidden Job Market”

  • Job openings that are not advertised, creating what seems like a Hidden job market.
  • This Information about available work is circulated through manager’s network of co-workers, business associates, friends and acquaintances.

You have a list of potential employers, but you don’t know if they have any job openings. Visit the employers’ home page to see if it has a job-posting section. If not, it’s time to phone Personnel or a hiring manager. Prepare by reviewing your resume and practising what you’re going to say.
Write down your opening words in case you get flustered.

Here is a sample “script” for Hunting Unadvertised “Hidden” Jobs

“Hello, my name is ____________. I understand that your company does _____ and that’s my area of career interest. I was wondering if you had any current job openings.”

If the contact says no, ask if they anticipate any openings in the future or if he/she knows of anyone in the same line of business who does.
Make sure that you get the full name and title of the person you’re speaking to.
Keep your resume in front of you in case the manager asks you questions.

If the manager seems interested, ask if you could meet with him/her to discuss possibilities in more detail. If the manager can’t meet with you, ask if you can send in your resume.
Whatever happens, thank your contact. Send a thank-you note and re-state your interest in working for his/ her organization. Keep the information on your contact and his/her organization. You never know when you might need it again.


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