Have you applied for a Canadian visa and want to know the status of your application and prepare for the next steps?

If that is the case, a C.A.I.P.S. report is for you. This report is an easy way to see at a glance how far your immigration process or visa request has advanced, as well as any pertinent information you should know in advance, allowing you to be prepared for what is to come.

We understand the immigration process can be difficult to understand, and that is where our expertise works in your favor. A C.A.I.P.S. report, which stands for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System, is an essential tool that takes some of the edge off the wait when you have applied for permanent resident status. The vital information contained within will let you know exactly where you stand in the immigration system.

Keep in mind that a C.A.I.P.S. report can take some time to arrive after you have requested it, with the norm being anywhere between 5 and 6 weeks, and your status may have changed somewhat since the emission of the report, but overall it is a valuable tool that allows you to follow your process closely without depending on the visa office where you  first started your immigration request.

One more thing, it is important to know that you do not necessarily need a C.A.I.P.S. number to access your report, and your full name, visa office location, and date of birth will suffice in most cases to provide you with the access you are looking for. If you need more help understanding how the C.A.I.P.S. report is generated and how you can make it work in your favor, contact us at AskMigration.com and we will gladly provide all the information you need.