Here’s some Canadian Resume Templates & Cover Letters to help you build your Resume


After you Prepare your Canadian-Style Resume & Cover Letter, it’s important to Learn how you can Overcome usual objections that Canadian Employers (more often that not) have, towards the complexities of Hiring Overseas Workers?

  • Present a “Cover Letter to Hiring Manager”
  • The cover letter should state that you understand the concerns that Canadian Hiring Managers have when reviewing resumes from applicants abroad and that you are willing to work with the Hiring Manager in order to help him/her overcome the obstacles in Hiring Overseas Workers, should the Hiring Manager agree to continue with the process
  • You also need to state and assure them that you are confident that the qualifications that you possess are adequate to the demands of the job being offered
  • Don’t forget to mention the fact that most nationally conducted studies have proven that foreign workers are always willing to work harder than native Canadians, not less because of their sheer determination and ambition to succeed in this new Economy and make a statement for themselves

Next up: “Sample Submission Letters to Hiring Managers”

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