Completing the Work Permit Application Package

  1. Offline (Paper) Download The Application Package (Paper Applications) Directly From Cic:
  2. Online:

A Work Permit Is Issued If The Application Is Accepted. All Applicants Must Complete And Sign Their Own Individual Form, Including Persons Traveling As A Family

  • Applicants who are under the age of 18 years must have their form signed by a parent or guardian.

Having been through the whole immigration process ourselves, we understand how frustrating and bewildering it can be, and hope that with this guide we have given you a  clearer way how to navigate through the legal hurdles & pathways to Immigrate to Canada and understand a little better what steps need to be taken in order to successfully qualify and apply for your Canadian Work Permit.

Please set aside enough time to familiarise yourself with the procedure, and all of the required steps in order to obtain a Positive LMO / Job Offer / Work Permit from CIC.

Our “Work Permit Guide” has helped many Applicants Find Jobs in Canada & Apply for Work Permits themselves, thus, avoiding legal fees and potentially saving a lot in Lawyer fees, by doing the process themselves, rather than engaging the services of an expensive Immigration Lawyer

Let’s face the reality:

Finding an Employer from overseas involves hunting for a Job Online or through personal recommendations and it’s not an easy task.
Applying for a Canadian Work Permit is a joint process between You and your Canadian Employer.

When (If) The Canadian Employer offers you a Job in writing, the Job Offer needs to get “Validated” by HRSDC for a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)

If you’re reading this far, that means you probably made you first step(s)

We at ASKMigration share your excitement and sincerely believe that Canada is the best possible place to relocate because of its excellent settlement services, the stability of the environment and openness to those wishing to become part of its landscape.

Canada as a land of opportunity provides economic prosperity, easily accessible and affordable education, one of the world’s best health care system and abundance of land and fresh water.


Now you and your family can share with Canadians and take part in continued creation of the world’s most admired and peaceful nation and country You can be proud to call Your home – Canada

One more thing…

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