Here’s a Sample Submission Letter to a Canadian Hiring Manager that has worked well so feel free to use it as a template in your application

To: Hiring Manager
Subject: Employment Application

I am applying for a position at your company and I am confident that my skills gained Abroad are comparable against those required by the position being offered.

I’m aware of the common concerns of Canadian Employers while reviewing resumes of Overseas Skilled Workers. I would also like to prove that I am fully determined to succeed in the Canadian economy given a chance, because of my sheer determination to succeed in this economy. I am confident that I possess the necessary skill-set to answer the demands of the job being offered. By submitting an Employment Application to your company, I want to demonstrate a genuine determination to relocate to Canada permanently.

If you do select me, I will strive to comply with all the requirements in order to work in Canada legally.

Kind regards, (Applicant name)


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