Canada Work Permit Guide (Download)

The “Work Permit Guide” E-Book has helped many Applicants Find Jobs in Canada & Apply for Work Permits themselves, thus, avoiding legal fees and potentially saving $1000’s in Lawyer fees, by doing the process themselves, rather than engaging the services of an expensive Immigration Lawyer


How to Apply for a Canadian Work Permit

Finding an Employer from overseas involves hunting for a Job Online or through personal recommendations and it’s not an easy task.
Applying for a Canadian Work Permit is a joint process between You and your Canadian Employer.

The Canadian Employer offers you a Job in writing, the Job Offer needs to get “Validated” by HRSDC for a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)

Canada Work Permit Guide 2016 (E-Book, Downloadable Pdf) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (FREE)

  • This E-Book is Written by people who went through the Work Permit Process
  • Downloadable version, shows you how to apply for a Work Permit
  • Step-by-Step guide how to apply for a Canadian Work Permit By yourself
  • How to Find Employment in Canada, if you’re outside of Canada