The land of Canada is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants. Usually, the reason for the settling of immigrants to Canada is Canada’s organized work system, school system, literarily they believe everything in Canada is organized and soon they find themselves convinced into it.

Other reasons people migrate to Canada are better paying jobs in the are they have been educated in, better life standard, etc. Some of the most successful people who are not native Canadians, but rather foreigners, never worked for anyone but they had opened their business ventures and companies.

There is a small amount of foreign people with Canadian permanent residence who have succeeded in terms of money and career and Canada. Most of the Canadian immigrants find themselves average jobs with average or above-average salary, but still don’t think about themselves as being successful. We will present you the list of several people who had immigrated in Canada in their early years and became very successful in a country that is not their homeland – Canada.

The seven foreign people who are very much successful in Canada are the following people:

  1. Akram Al-Otumi

The country of origin of this successful man is Yemen. Akram Al-Otumi arrived at the state of Canada as a teenager with his parents. Upon arriving in Canada, bot Akram and his parents knew little to nothing of the English language. He had many bad experiences because of his lack of knowledge of the English language. Eventually, Akram learned English, and his past bad experiences upon arriving in Canada served as an inspiration to open his business venture – Azal Student Agency.

Azal Student Agency helps the international students learn the English language and settle in Canada. Akram also works as a consultant with Common Good Solutions Inc.


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