Interviews are some of the most intimidating practices, and it even get worse when you are not ready; on the other hand, if you had a proper preparation, your interview result will help you distinguished from other candidates even your resume were better than yours. Even though we wait to a great extent for an interview call, nonetheless as the interview day comes near we start having uneasiness in our stomach. Even if you might have faced some interviews before, but then it is imperative to take a proper preparation before going for another interview. When it comes to getting ready for an interview, we must understand that preparation comprises all the parts before you face the interview; a continuous preparation is a key to success even if you have gone through other interviews previously, consider it in any job interview you go. Here are things to consider before the interview.


  1. Self –Valuation

Some of the important things in personal -valuation is that you need to understand your strength and weakness. You should consider your strength and past endeavors first to boost the self-confidence, but still, you should not hide your personal weakness. Assess your education background, abilities, accomplishments and other aptitudes to choose any one feature to express in the interview.


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