1. Dalal Al-Waheidi

Dalal Al-Waheidi was the immigrant to Canada from Palestine. As a child, this brave and intelligent woman was the witness of political tensions between the Gaza Strip and Palestine. The political tensions in her homeland made her and her family go to Canada. Today, Dalal is a successful human rights activist and the executive director of We Day Global. The terrors she saw done in her homeland made her become the human rights activist.


  1. Gradimir Pankov

Gradimir Pankov’s country of origin is Macedonia, which was at the time of his birth the part of the Socialistic Federalist Republic of Yugoslavia. Gradimir is one of the most famous European male ballet dancers. Before immigrating to Canada, Gradimir was an immigrant in seven countries of the world. He immigrated from F.Y.R Macedonia in 1967 to teach dancing around the world. Just recently, Gradimir had settled in Canada permanently, and he is at the moment the Artistic Director of the prestigious Les Grands Ballet Canadiens de Montréal.


  1. John Volken

John Volken immigrated to Canada from Germany with only $100 with him. He is a successful author, entrepreneur, humanist, etc. From coming to Canada with $100 in his pocket, John became a multimillionaire with the opening of his furniture company, United Furniture Warehouse. John is also a humanist and helps young people who are in the hell of drug addiction. For vhelping young drug addicts, John had opened the John Volken Foundation and Welcome Home Foundation.


  1. Vivian Abboud

The country of origin of Vivian Abboud is Lebanon. Vivian had immigrated in 1995 to Canada, at the age of 17. Before becoming what she is today, she was a math teacher in Alberta and a worker in a bakery. In Alberta, Canada, she got the Bachelor’s degree in Education. At the moment, Vivian is finishing her doctorate in Education. She is a successful entrepreneur and owns a business venture called Viva Café. Her current position is working as the Government Senior Manager at the Alberta Education.


  1. Gentil Misigaro

Gentil is a musician and immigrant to Canada from the Democratic Republic of Kongo. He had settled down in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and contributed a lot the Winnipeg’s music scene. For a short time, Gentil developed the music scene of Winnipeg by founding several bands in Winnipeg, arts and non-profit music organizations.

Getil also does humanitarian work. He teaches young drug addicts on rehabilitation playing the guitar and other instruments. He is also the founder of non-profit organization A Better World Movement.


  1. Zahra Al-Harazi

Zahra Al-Harazi’s origin is from Yemen. She came to Alberta, Canada, as a 24-year-old single mother with her three kids. Zahra and her kids didn’t have an ideal life in Yemen, and both she and her three children survived two civil wars in Yemen. Zahra says she comes from the country where electricity and water are considered as a luxury. In the search for a better life, Zahra moved to Canada with the three of her kids. She reeducated herself in Canada and earned a degree from the Alberta College of Art in Visual Communications. At the moment, this brave woman who had survived a lot in Yemen is the CEO of her marketing studio – Foundry Communications. Zahra is also the international speaker of the several of world’s most influenital organizations.


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