Apart from being the popular holiday destination, Australia is one of the preferred choices of the countries to migrate. As one of the strongest economies of the world with a vast geographical size and a relatively low population, it is the perfect place with a huge capacity to absorb the new migrant population.

Australia offers a lot of opportunities along with the alignment of the government policies which encourages and welcomes a lot of skilled and business migrants to the country. An acute shortage of the skilled labor in Australia further enhances the chances of migrants looking to explore and settle in Australia.

Important facts about Australia that one should know

  • The Australian population is just over 22 million and it is a truly multicultural society which offers great quality of life, excellent infrastructure, and stunning landscape beauty.
  • Australia is the 12th largest economy in the world and it ranks 2nd on HDI across the world.
  • The Australian economy is one of the strongest and fast-growing and it is among the few of the world economies which was least affected by Global Financial Crisis.
  • The official language of Australia is English and Australian currency is the Australian dollar (AUD).
  • Australia is a sport oriented country and there are several popular sports played and followed here including the cricket, hockey, soccer, rugby league, rugby union, swimming, and tennis among others.
  • Australia is known for a world-class education system with several top universities in the world.
  • One of the best things about the country is its favorable climate, clean and pristine beaches and amazing scenic beauty which makes it a perfect destination for vacations as well.

Advantages of migrating to Australia

  • Excellent career opportunities: Australia’s strong economy has been unaffected by the global financial crisis with great future prospects. Also, the country’s low unemployment rate and a shortage of the skilled labor in many professional and trade occupations provide an excellent career opportunity for migrants to come to Australia on long-term work visas.

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