If you are sitting in another country and applying for jobs in Canada, you may have to be prepared for a phone or skype interview. With technology so advanced today, most employers rely on such interview methods rather than wait for you to be in the country. It’s fast, effective, inexpensive and highly practical. Potential immigrants to Canada can also benefit from this as securing a job even before you enter Canada can be a very happy and satisfying feeling. But, giving an interview online is not the same as a face-to-face interview. While the questions may be the same, you need to ensure a certain ‘do’s and don’ts’ of a phone/skype interview.

How to make the most of your phone/skype interview?

  • A professional impression

Social media platforms are all about the fun and excitement in your life but your employer may not want to see your ‘after work’ activities. Make sure your skype profile is clean or make a new profile that you strictly use for professional purpose. It’s never pleasant to come across ‘unprofessional’ pictures or posts.

  • Phone Courtesy

While it’s crucial that you do not miss a call, but in case of an emergency if you do miss the interview call at first, ensure the unavailable message is polite and standard. It could really make or break the deal for you!

  • Choose your setting

If it’s a video call make sure you are sitting in a clean location. No one wants to watch hanging laundry or dirty plates, you get the point right? Choose a table and chair, make sure the lighting is good and there are no distractions or disturbances. If you have kids or even other family members around ask them to keep out. Even for an audio call make sure you are in a good network area and away from unwanted sound and disturbances.

  • Be Punctual

Your employer will give you a time; make sure you adhere to it. Don’t keep them waiting or hanging and make sure your phone is free. Be polite and professional in answering. Remember, everything makes an impression.

To sum it all up, do everything that makes your employer believe in your capabilities and also see your professionalism. Be confident and professional all through the interview and be clear and audible at all times.

Best of luck!