Statistics show that the once settled, most of the migrant population decides to stay on in Australia through the permanent employer sponsored visa options because of the long term benefits country offers. The sectors with many job opportunities in Australia include tourism, farming, mining, horticultural, viticulture, service and health care industry. New migrants and their dependants enjoy the unlimited work rights in Australia in most of these work categories.

  • Quality of life: Australia offer a high standard of living to the citizens and migrant population from housing options to public transport, excellent Medicare system, education and much more
  • Hassle free immigration system: The Australian immigration policies are non-discriminatory, and hassle-free with all the applicants having to meet the same selection criteria. The permanent migrants enjoy the benefit of applying for the citizenship if they meet the citizenship criteria at the time of application.

Apart from this, Australia offers many social security benefits to the permanent residents and citizens of the country such as subsidized or free education, several government services, healthcare coverage etc. Migrant population in Australia enjoy the equal rights as the Australian citizens including the democratic rights,  financial security, equal opportunity, freedom to explore the country, and a relaxed lifestyle.

  • World-class Education system: Australia offers a world class education system with unlimited opportunities for all age groups and levels of ability. Migrants can be assured of the future of their children in Australia. 
  • Security: Australia is one of the countries with lowest crime rate compared with many parts of the world and which makes Australia a safe place and community to live and raise a family.

The diverse cultures, unlimited opportunities, perfect climate, breathtaking landscapes and the high quality of life are some of the reasons which make Australia the ideal place to migrate.

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