Canada is popular all around the globe for its breathtaking natural wonders. The high mountains, great glaciers, wild forests and calming lakes make Canada a must visit the country for nature lovers. Because of a number of top rated tourist attractions Canada has been awarded the title of “Best country for 2017” by Lonely Planets. The natural wonders of Canada attract tourists from all around the world every year.

Canada is a multi-cultural country and on July 1, 2017, this country will celebrate 150th anniversary s9ince Canada first gain independence. Canadians have named their independence day as Sesquicentennial celebrations. If you haven’t visited this beautiful country yet then you should consider visiting Canada to be a part of this celebration and to enjoy exciting sports such as snowboarding, skiing and ice hockey in the upcoming winter months.

If you need reasons to visit Canada than there are a number of reasons because of which you should plan your next holiday to Canada. Some of the reasons because of which you should prefer Canada over other tourist destinations are enlisted below:

Out of world ski fields

The best thing about Canada and the skiing spots located there is that one can enjoy this great game in all the 10 provinces of Canada that too all around the year. If you love skiing and have a desire to experience some great time enjoying your favorite sport than for sure Canada will be your ultimate tourist destination. All the skiing resorts located in Canada aren’t only well maintained but in addition to that, they all are picturesque. Some of the popular skiing resorts in Canada includes Whistler, Banff, and Mont-Tremblant that offers its guests a great skiing experience and in addition to that one can also enjoy great spas, hotels, fine restaurants, hiking trails and if you love shopping then you shouldn’t wait any longer as there are a number of shopping malls that stays open all year round to satisfy needs shopping lovers.

The skiing season in this beautiful country lies between November and April. However, this stretch may vary as per the skiing spot that you choose. The best thing about Canada is that it offers favorable exchange rate which means that you won’t have to spend a lot of your hard earned money for experiencing a great holiday in Canada. With the lodging discounts offered by hotels, townhomes, private homes and condo owner the total sum of money that you will need to stay in Canada will not be more than few hundred dollars. Even renting skiing gears is a lot cheaper. You can get well-maintained skiing gears in the range of $100 to $200 for a day. If you have a desire to buy your own skiing gear but have a tight budget then rest assured as you can buy complete skiing gear set by spending less than $300. You can bag a great deal on second-hand skiing gear.


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