Our world as we know it has been frozen shut by a sweeping, global pandemic. Not only have lives been lost in the wake, but most who have survived lost their jobs and their businesses. We have been gripped by the greatest financial burden not seen since the Great Depression, yet there appears to be hope on the horizon as we all struggle to get our bearings.

Video conferencing and remote working became the new established norms as offices that were once teeming with abundant life are nothing more than ghost towns. Yet there are some jobs that demand your physical presence, like health care and the restaurant industry, for example. Grocery workers were also included in that mix as essential workers who provided an immediate need to the Canadian public and beyond. Yet millions out there remain with a feeling of disenfranchisement as they continue to seek meaningful, gainful employment among sweeping lockdowns.

Thankfully, Ranstad Canada has established locations throughout the various provinces to help you make you choice. If you have the skills and the right education to attain good, quality and steady employment for 2021 and beyond, they can help. In fact, there is high demand for those returning to the post-Covid workforce who have a skill set that matches any of the opportunities available through Randstad.

The rise in demand for electricity has paved the way for opportunities in electrical engineering. This field happens to require a lot more than just a general knowledge of how electrical systems work. Having a broad range of skills is important. In fact, good oral and written communication skills with a team is critical to customer satisfaction in getting the job done right.

Customer service representatives can do their part by adding a personal touch to business. When a pandemic forces you into hiding, you can benefit greatly from the value of hearing a human voice rather than listening to a machine. The knowledge that someone cares, even on a professional level, can boost sales and service in both the private and public sectors of the Canadian market.

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