If you can do just about anything in terms of employment, then seeking work as a general labourer may be a good option for you. You may get called to do just about anything, from lawn work and landscaping to general maintenance jobs if you meet the qualifications. There are places in need of someone who may be a typical jack of all trades looking for something that is temporary or regular full-time employment under the current and future circumstances.

Registered nurses also bring forth the human aspect in our lives and consequently, there will always be a need for these types of heroes. Plus, with the Baby Boomer generation growing steadily, its easy to see why this field grows so much right along with it. This, along with the need for critical care due to Covid, should be enough to put this field at the top of the list.

The vast and continued need for medical supplies and food has paved the demand for trained delivery drivers. Commercial drivers who can operate a giant truck will be needed to bring in stock to replenish many bare shelves as groceries look to keep up with basic supply and demand.

Software developers, HR managers, and accountants are all positions with a possibility of remote work opportunities as more companies continue to close their offices in lieu of teleworking. HR managers can be trained in new workplace policies such as remote and safe work issues as they relate to the global pandemic. Software developers with a knack for front and back end web development can do their part to maintain internet information systems while updating the very sites that workers have come to rely upon for their remote employment assignments. In fact, they may even be hired along with the tech sector. to keep information systems flowing and to assist with online accounts as needed.

Hard times require hard decisions, and with finances on the brink, it should come as no surprise that financial advisors are in demand. People who have lost jobs, businesses, and investments may need someone to help them plan a budget just to meet monthly expenses. Rent, mortgage, and other debt can rapidly accrue in a short amount of time, and having someone you can trust is critical to achieving financial stability.

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