Nations have been ranked based on different classifications. Internet based questioning on 20,035 grown-ups aged over 18 in 20 countries were used to rank the various countries based on the separate groupings. Interviewees were also inquired about the “individual tendencies” of the 50 nations. These different categories have made Canada score top positions. Additionally, individuals from all the four corners of the earth have surely attested the Canadian brand as one of the finest in the entire world.

Based on the earlier mentioned online interviews that were used to rank, Canada was positioned fifth out of 50 countries on the Anholt-Ipsos Nations Brands Index. Not only has Canada maintained top positions but it has also improved significantly along the years. There was a noticeable improvement in 2019 and it rose to the third position as compared to the fifth position in 2018. Canada was only below France and Germany which was the highest positioned. Consistency and steady improvement are needed for a nation to maintain a position among the top five nations.

Canada scored the best position in three out of the six groupings that were used to position the 50 countries- immigration and investment, people and governance. Canada was the only country among the top five nations that became better in governance, culture and tourism.

Immigration and investment considers a nation’s potential in captivating folks to reside, work or learn. Additionally, the belief in the living standards and economic climate are also regarded. All these factors have made Canada retain its top position in the year 2018 and 2019. The mark on immigration and investment is in regard to five distinct elements- work and live, living standards, levels of education, business investments and societal equality.

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