Quebec announces new regulations to protect temporary foreign workers

New regulations were announced by the Government of Quebec so that foreign workers on temporary contracts would be protected from unscrupulous employers.

Fairer working conditions for foreign temporary workers

This legislation will mean that workers are treated fairly and are protected saving them from exploitation. These same employers will only be allowed to charge the fees recognized by the Canadian Government. It will make it illegal for them to keep the workers belongings such as passports. Recruiters and employers will need a permit in order to run their business.

The employers would need to apply to CNESST (a provincial commission) for a permit to run their business . They need to apply for these permits between January 1 2020 and February 14 2020. The CNESST will manage the issuing of permits, monitoring recruiters and employers to make sure sure they adhere to the rules.

Jean Boulet. Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity announced these measures so that,”temporary foreign workers are entitled to fair and equitable working conditions. He announced this at a press conference to speak about the new measures.

Failure to follow the new rules could lead to suspension or a permit being revoked.under these conditions:

  • giving foreign workers a document that lists their working conditions
  • that workers or a person who represents the foreigner worker has the necessary credentials for a immigration application.
  • Employers and recruiters also become jointly liable for the foreign workers

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