As it regards the aforementioned interviews on “personality traits” of the nations, Canada was considered companionable by 39% of journalists, dependable by 30%, elated by 29% and charitable by 19%.

Lead researcher speaker, Vadim Volos expounded the results to CIC News via an email statement. He wasn’t present to speak on the data but various conclusions were drawn from the email statement. “A nation’s potential to captivate natural abilities and capital determines its immigration and investment index,” read the statement. It’s not only determined by whether individuals would contemplate learning, working or residing in that nation, but also the belief of the nation’s economic success, the state of being unbiased and finally if it’s believed to be a place of high living standards.

“A Nation Brand (or a character) takes time and patience,” the statement from Volos’ analysis team said.

“Scarcely does a nation earn a position among the top five on the overall without firmness in its image,” read another part of the statement.

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