Globally speaking it is Canada and Australia that receive the highest number of immigrants per year. Getting a Permanent Resident (PR) status in any country is a time consuming, challenging task and in Canada things are no different. On an average over 200,000 individuals get their PR status, the criterion for which frequently gets altered.

It is only after reading every nuance of the paperwork that individuals should go on to filling it. Any mistake or lies will immediately be caught out by the system as a result of which getting the residency will prove to be an impossible task. Individuals must apply for their PR status under any of the following six categories.

  • Skilled Worker Immigration

Skilled Worker Immigration is indeed the most common category under which individuals apply for their PR status. Scores are calculated based on an array of considerations such as a person’s education, age, heath, experience etc. Apart from this another evaluation is made based on the person’s criminal record and background check as well. Each of these factors contributes significantly to the final tally of scores. If individuals get low scores in any category chances are that his or her overall score will be affected as well. In this category, the most important consideration pertains to the candidates’ skill, age and background.

  • Business class immigration

There are many people who wish to become Permanent Residents and they choose to apply under this category. The Business Class Immigration Category further falls into three subcategories which are very specific in nature. Which include–



-Self Employed Persons

These individuals get their scores based on a number of criterion pertaining to experience, net worth, intention and ability. If the board sees that the individuals business is unlikely to flourish in Canada then chances are that his scores too will be rather poor.

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