Any country that wishes to prosper economically needs to have proper rules and laws in place. If the government fails to take initiates to help the country move ahead, then it is unlikely that the nation will excel. The Global Talent stream is one such initiate taken up by the Canadian government so that companies are able to gain access to top notch workers without having to go through much trouble.

What is the Global Talent Stream?

This is a Canadian work stream that enables employees from across the globe to attain a work permit within the period of just two weeks, so that they can join the respective company immediately and contributing to the success of the institution. Work permits are generally not granted so swiftly so this definitely comes as a boon to companies.

Who can apply for this and how much does it cost?

Just any and every company cannot expect that their overseas employees will get this work permit within two weeks. This initiative is set up with the intention of serving high end companies that require specific high end personnel from overseas to function and grow. This service is indeed a very useful one however it does come at a fair price per position. So it is not unless it is completely necessary that companies opt to do this.

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