Applying for a Visa in any country is a tough and challenging task. Yet in a country like Canada which has thousands of people applying for a Visa every year, things are a lot more difficult. Like any first world country, the rules are followed very diligently and no transgressions are entertained.

People applying for a Canadian visa must have the following things in place

  • All medical documents
  • Income certificates
  • Identity proof
  • Education certificates
  • The required fees

Those who do not carry the proper documents are immediately shown the door. However prior to reaching the visa office, often people are plagued with a number of questions which play on their mind and are a source of constant stress. For such people, they ought to listen to only the dictates given out by the immigration office and turn a deaf ear to others giving unnecessary advice.

Is there any scope to buy a visa?

Contrary to popular belief or hear say, it is impossible and illegal to buy a visa. Anyone who tells you anything else is simply trying to fool you or get you in a great amount of legal trouble.

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