Two Channels to Acquire Permanent Canadian Residence

Following an invitation, a person is required to fill the necessary application documents required by the province of Saskatchewan.

After nominations, people under the Express Entry category earn a total of 600 points, out of 1200 which boosts their ranking in the comprehensive ranking system. That puts them in a better position when it comes to the federal selection of Express Entry entrants. That earns them higher chances of becoming permanent Canadian residents.

Individuals who lack a profile in the Express Entry category also had the chance of getting an invitation under the Occupation In-Demand category. Under this, people with specialized occupational skills can directly submit their application to the Canadian federal government.

Regardless, all applicants in both sub-categories undergo the same scrutiny to meet the eligibility requirements. One needs not have a specific job in Canada to Express their interest in living in Canada. However, the Express Entry is only limited to candidates who have submitted their Express Entry profile at the federal government. With Occupation In-Demand, one requires not to have an Express Entry profile.

This draw marks the second invitation program in September. The initial SINP invitations took place on 21 September and covered 140 applicants in the Occupation In-Demand category. Applicants can get better positioning after answering queries to do with their work experience, educational background among others.

How the SINP System Works

SIPN replaced the traditional selection criterion with the new Expression of Interest program in July 2018. This offered an opportunity for people from all continents with skills to seek permanent residence in Canada.

All invited candidates are expected to hit a minimum score of 60 points in the Saskatchewan assessment grid. They are assessed based on their educational background, career experience as well as language proficiency.

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