Manitoba recently made a few adjustments to its Provincial Nominee Program by creating two new immigration pathways for International graduates who have competed post-secondary education in the province. A year ago, the province developed a renewal program that enables it to nominate immigrant candidates for permanent residency. Every year, the province will choose a number of international graduate students for the program.

The program is open to all international students in Manitoba. Priority will be given to international graduated who have completed various educational programs in universities in Manitoba. Students who have take internships or hold occupations in industries that nurture innovation are also being targeted.

The new stream is said to be effective in its effort to nominate international graduates for admissions and permanent settlement in the province. Since its creation in 1998, the program, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, had admitted more than 130,000 new residents to the province.

The development of a new International Education Stream, which will be divided into two pathways.These pathways the program unveiled are; the International Student Entrepreneur Pathway and Graduate Internship Pathway. With these programs, the province will be allowed to nominate qualified applicants for permanent residence in Manitoba. International students will have a chance to undergo faster provincial nomination once they have graduated from universities in the province without waiting for long to apply for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

Both these pathways offer international students an opportunity to become permanent residents under some conditions. The International Student Entrepreneur Pathway is eligible for international graduates who have undertaken a program of at least two years. They must also have attended a tertiary level Learning Institution in Manitoba and operate a business in the province. The candidates should also be actively involved in managing and investing in the vocation.

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