How the Saskatchewan Expression of Interest Program Works

Any candidate wishing to seek permanent Canadian residence under the Express Entry or Occupation In-Demand program needs to fill a pre-application form to determine their eligibility status.

Afterwards, the selection process begins, and SINP starts by checking the ranking on the EoI pool based on the points they earn in the assessment grid. In case SINP discovers multiple entries with the same ranking, further assessment is done. Here, candidates go an extra mile in answering questions like their connection to the country, any relatives or friends and other languages that the individual can speak.

In this year’s September 27th selection of the Saskatchewan Expression of Interest (EoI) program, a total of 438 applicants were invited to fill the required documents.

According to reports by the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP), 225 candidates were invited to apply under the Express Entry subcategory. On another token, the Occupation In-Demand category covered 213 invitation offers.

For one to be eligible to apply under the Express Entry space, s/he must achieve a minimum point of 65 whereas in the Occupation In-Demand category, a person is supposed to score a point higher (66).

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