With aggressive job growth and declining unemployment, Canada has experienced an increase in earnings across all 10 Provinces over the past 12 months. All job sectors are experiencing an increase in growth over last year, and as the job market gets stronger, the economy will continue to grow.

Weekly earnings have grown to between $879-$1178, with percentage growth at an average of 3.78%. Gains are spread across all job sectors, but there are several that shine above the rest. Educational services are up in all provinces except 1, while manufacturing and health care are ubiquitous gainers.

Earnings Increases

Saskatchewan has the smallest growth, with a 3.1% rise in weekly earnings. Quebec, at 4.9%, has the highest earnings growth. Half of the provinces have weekly earnings above $1000, with Alberta leading the way at $1178. The other 5 provinces are at just under $1000 a week, most at or above $900, with Prince Edward Island in the last spot at $879.

The healthcare and social assistance industries are driving forces in growth for 6 of the 10 provinces. Manufacturing and education are also big hitters, with manufacturing being one of the top contributors across 6 of the 10 provinces. This success is not confined to just a few sectors. Professional, scientific and technical services are the biggest drivers of growth in Ontario, while transportation and warehousing had impressive gains in Alberta.

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