Further protection for foreign workers

Under this new law a security deposit of $15,000 will be needed to compensate workers if they are not paid.

On January 1 2020 recruiter will not able by law to pay foreign workers less than than employees of the client who perform the same job. This will mean that the $15,000 means not only that there is money in place to pay them, but they also feel more secure knowing that they can be paid.

The employer can still look at the worker’s skills and experience to look at how much the employer pays but cannot use employment status as an excuse to pay the foreign worker less. It also means a more rewarding experience for foreign workers and will create a happier workforce this will make their experience more positive.

To recap this legislation will not only make it harder to run or set up an agency that exploits foreign workers and stop employers exploiting them as well .The better conditions. will make for a pleasanter experience for these workers and stop bad practices by these agencies.

Foreign workers will have better working conditions that will not only improve their working environment but also make it fairer. It is important that these workers who make a contribution to the development of Quebec have adequate protection so they are paid the same amount as their co-workers and have the same rights. It is hoped this legislation will give them that right making for a positive working experience throughout their stay in Quebec.

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