New Brunswick Government is seeking to have the number of immigrants increase in the coming five years. This call will address social and economic challenges due to the high number of older adults in the population. The Government’s initiative on the increase in population will lead to the rise in the immigrants settling the province every year to reach approximately 7500 by the year 2024.

The rate of immigration in New Brunswick is also expected to increase to at least 1% of the entire population. Similarly, it is almost twice the number of new persons settling there currently. Trevor Holder, who is the minister of population growth, noted that the rate of population is essential to the overall success of the province. He further said that efforts to attract and retain new people in Canada are critical to increasing the population of the province and satisfy the demands of the employers.

The report clarifies that 120000 new jobs opportunities will be available in the province at least in the coming ten years. These statistics are from New Brunswick Multicultural Council or the NBMC, which notes that at least 110000 people will retire in 10 years.

The findings further disclose that the working population in the province is small and may not meet the demand for jobs. Also, there is a decline in the birth rate, which will lead to problems in the future. The strategy express the opinion that foreign immigration is a vital strategy that will cater for the decline.

There has been a concern about the ability of the province in supporting essential services such as health care. Statistics from the report reveal that people in the working bracket for every elder decreased to 3.1 from 4.6 between the years 2008 and 2018. The decline is expected at 2.3 in 2027.

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