According to the most recent Express Entry report, the number of women with CRS scores above 400 has gone up to 56 per cent from 2017. A significant number of women have found themselves as the principal applicants in Canada’s Express Entry immigration process. A Comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score is used to sign prospective immigrant to Canada, it is used by the federal government to rank and assess the profiles of the candidate in the Express Entry pool.


From the Express Entry end-year report provided in 2018, the CRS score of women is higher than that of men. Although the number of male candidate profiles in the Express Entry pool is high, the percentage of women is moving up very fast. From January 3, 2019, 75 per cent of 39,273 were women applicants in the CRS range between 350 and 449 as compared to 71 per cent of 55,690 who were male applicants. In the range between 350-449, the male applicants were the highest, although 4 per cent of the women who applied achieved the score.

In the Express Entry Pool 2018 women got over 400 CRS points which were 70 per cent as compared to 67 per cent of male applicants. In 2017, women in the Express Entry pool who got over 400 scores were 62 per cent. At the same time, more women than men got 950 and above CRS scores adding up to a total of 65 women to 55 men. According to the pool composition at the beginning of 2018, this was an improvement with 70 men scoring 950 or above as compared to 42 women.

In 2018 Express Entry pool, women gained more points than men in the French-language proficiency category. There was also an increase in the number of women issued with ITAs in the economic immigration program, which is another indication that female representation is growing. 42 per cent of 89,800 ITAs were issued to women in 2018 being an estimate of 37,322 women. Women accounted for 41 per cent of all the submitted eligible profiles in 2018.

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