Increasing the momentum

The strategy report notes that the increase in immigration numbers will be through the NBPNO, which is the provincial nominee program and Atlantic Immigration Pilot. Under this program, the province nominates eligible workers, business people and international students for permanent residency year.

The Atlantic Immigration is a program by employers to fill employee gaps. The allocations in 2019 stand at 2100, which is a sharp rise from 625 in the year 2014. There is a need to increase the momentum and mainly focus on expanding the population and that of new people. This approach will help improve the needs of the economy and the labor market. The strategy also aims at increasing the number of French speakers by at least 2% every year for five years. French and English are the primary languages in the province.

The strategy of increasing 75000 immigrants is achievable

The approach by the Government is similar to the findings from a related report by NBMC that calls for the increase in immigrants to the province. This strategy is achievable, but the province must have support systems in place so that the people can welcome the newcomers.

What next

The province plans to increase the population through a sixty-point plan that mainly will rely on four objectives. They will need to attract skilled workers to meet labor demands. They will need to recruit business people and have an enabling environment. The community must be involved to welcome new people into the province.

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