Foreign workers are willing to perform jobs for less money than regular citizens. Foreign workers with these jobs spend their money in communities. The money that foreign workers spend helps the economy flourish.

Eliminating foreign workers might be bad for the economy.  When companies have less payroll to work with, they hire less or work their employees less. Productivity in businesses where this takes place goes down and so do profits.

Losing the ability to use foreign workers in this capacity could put a standstill to a whole economy. If money is not being made, then money is not being spent. This problem affects every business in these communities.

Foreign workers are often seen as the bad guy in the job market. Canadians want to work and cheap foreign workers are in their way. Economies in every industrial nation are suffering from the economic downturn and are struggling to bounce back. Using foreign workers may be the only way for these companies to continue to exist.

Canadian business owners see the new legislation as punishment for everyone instead of punishment for the companies that abused the system. There are a plethora of companies who abused the foreign worker program, but at the same time, there are companies who used this program to stay alive.

Sweeping reform is not always good for everyone involved. While brining justice to the Canadian people, the legislation may have also ruined its economy that was once on the rise.

Individual provinces are proposing the idea of bringing these decisions to a vote.  Canada is vast so the argument stands that what is good for one area of Canada may not work for another.

The provinces with low unemployment rates due to unqualified workers in the area should be allowed to use foreign workers. At the very least the communities that are going to be the hardest hit by the legislation believe they should have a voice and not a mandate.