The foreign worker reform is supposed to be good for Canadians. The hiring of Canadians means more money going into the economy.

Businesses say they would love to hire Canadians, but there simply are not enough workers around that are willing or able to fill open positions. Company leaders are looking for change because they are not able to hire foreign workers.

Businesses without enough help fear that they are going to have to start closing early or not provide some services at all to customers. Stores and restaurants not being open as long means less money in wages for those workers and less profit. If customers cannot be served, they also cannot spend money.

Proponents of the legislation say that businesses may need to get creative with the hiring process. Companies may need to actually put some boots on the ground and go out into communities to recruit workers. Another idea is to offer a higher wage as an incentive to come to work.


Provinces that have high numbers of unemployed workers may be a good place to start.

Businesses will need to figure out a method and get their proverbial houses in order. The new legislation mandates that by 2016 only 10 percent of a company’s workforce can be foreign

This legislative reform’s ability to hurt the economy is only real if businesses do not let go of the old mindset. Getting on board with this legislation will take creativity and hard choices about bottom lines.

In the end, the reform is better for every Canadian. Canada thriving is the ultimate goal.