You have finally gotten an interview for your dream job. The interview goes well. The Hiring manager likes your credentials and more importantly likes you. Then the question comes; if hired what are your salary expectations. This is the point where you will either be glad you did your homework or wish you had.

If the company doesn’t state the salary range in the job description you can definitely expect it to come up at some point. You may be asked to provide your expectations in your cover letter or be asked during the interview but you will be asked and this is a make or break question.

Price yourself to low and it may show a lack of confidence and could cost you money for years to come.

Price yourself to high and you may come off as arrogant or price yourself out of contention all together.

If you really don’t where to start in your research, relax and keep reading, we are here to help.



Researching Salaries –┬áThe Basics

There is no magic formula for determining the salary range of particular position. There are simply too many variables such as local cost of living, both job and business market conditions, company structure, company size and your own qualifications and experience level to be considered. The best that you can do is to use a variety of sources to try and get as accurate a picture as possible.


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