With a bustling job market, low crime rate and beautiful surroundings, it’s no surprise that people are eager to move to Canada. A recent study done by the World Education Services (WES) to gauge the world’s interest in migrating to Canada shows that people still have a strong desire to move to The Great White North despite experiencing a global pandemic. Not even COVID-19 can derail the world from wanting to experience a bit of Canadian living!

Has the Pandemic Shifted Immigration Plans to Canada?

The global pandemic caused lots of people to rethink their travel and immigration plans. With borders closing, cases rising and uncertainties existing in most parts of the world, seeking pastures anew wasn’t exactly at the forefront of peoples’ minds. Not for Canada! The study done by the WES surveyed individuals looking to immigrate to Canada and recorded their responses after the pandemic hit to see if their traveling dreams would have shifted. These participants had all submitted an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) application.

Nearly 52% of respondents noted that the impact of the global pandemic would have no impact on their travel plans in 2020. As well as this finding, the WES study also found that nearly 93% of ECA applicants said that the pandemic had no impact on their immigration plans or left them more interested. These are some pretty determined people!

Popular Reasons for Immigrating to Canada

A strong interest point for many immigrants looking to move to Canada is the booming job market available across the country. As many countries around the world experience tough job prospects, Canada is an attractive choice for migrating due to financial reasons.

In the 2021 survey conducted by the WES, they found that 33% of respondents felt that the global pandemic would negatively impact job prospects compared to 27% in 2020. While the Canadian job market has been affected by COVID-19, the country still boasts strong job prospects for citizens and immigrants. The majority of respondents found that the job prospects in Canada were much more attractive than those of their home countries.

As well as having a strong job market, Canada is also home to one of the world’s best health care systems. The health care system in Canada is decentralized, publicly funded and receives assistance from the government on a per-capita basis. Of the respondents who took part in the WES study, 58% of them were more interested in migrating to Canada for the country’s health care system and ability to manage COVID-19 as well as care for patients affected by the virus.

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