Canada offers a wide selection of jobs for foreigners, jobs that are in high demand, allowing those hiring to choose only the best candidates for the position. Because of the sheer number of applicants for certain openings, there are a few good tips and trick you can follow to make sure you garner the attention you want and get hired while you are at it.

a) Be professional – when you are looking to bring out your best qualities, professionalism can get you farther than you think. It will help you showcase everything you have to offer without seeming vain or showy. It also gives a good impression as to what an employer can expect of you, so paint yourself in a good light without taking it too far.

b) Make your resume one to remember – While some prefer to create showy and gaudy resumes, this is one case in which less is more. Choose a design that is minimalistic but allows you to bring your experience to the forefront. Don’t waste time and space writing about childhood memories and history an employer might not be interested in. Instead, place your work experience right at the front, where it can be seen at a cursory glance. This will catch the attention of even the busiest employer, increasing your chances at landing the job of your dreams.

c) Last, but not least, keep a record of letters of recommendation and make sure you add copies of them to back up your work experience. There is nothing better than have other people tell potential employers how great you were during your time with them, making them want to hire you as soon as they can.