Today, more than ever, visitors from the Philippines are flocking to Canada, to the extent that a record number of visas were granted in 2013 alone. Translated into hard facts, this means that a total of 47,000 new visas were granted to Filipino tourists last year, an exponential increase that represents a growth of 57% in less than a decade. At the same time, 30,000 Filipinos became Canadian residents in 2013, placing Canada high up on the list of preferred countries for immigration.

The biggest reason why these numbers are growing in such a positive manner is the way the Canadian government has changed and improved the whole immigration process, making it easier to obtain a visa while placing the focus on legitimate tourism and the economic boost it provides to the country as a whole.



To cover a wide variety of needs, the Canadian government now offers the benefit of the Multiple Entry Visa (MEV), allowing the holder to enter the country as many times as necessary within periods of time that range from six months to ten years, providing easy access to those who choose to visit the country more than once during this time, whether for business or pleasure.

This is especially true of those Filipinos whose family members reside in Canada, where the MEV provides the flexibility they require to visit their loved ones on a regular basis.

The marked success of the MEV has become patently visible since its implementation in July of 2011, with approximately 10 million visas issued to visitors from all over the world in less than three years, a success very few countries can boast of today.