One of the main reasons young professionals from around the world have chosen the UK as one of the best places for employment is the country’s minimum wage, which was increased to £6.31 in October 2013. Even so, your final salary can vary depending on the field you choose, the specific location, and your qualifications, so keep this in mind when you start your search for the perfect job.

Another good reason why working in the UK is appealing to foreigners is that most workers are allowed four weeks of paid leave each year, meaning you will have time to relax and take time off from your job without having to worry about it being there when you go back.

The health care system has also been designed to favor the work force, with employers being obligated to care for the health of their employees. This means that all workers are entitled to sick pay, maternity leave and paternity leave where applicable. This will allow you to make a full recovery before the time comes to return to your position.

Working in the UK is a safe and financially sound option for those looking to take the first step towards independence without straying too far from home.