The online portal for the immigration department is finally up and running. This has been long overdue since we live in a digital world where technology can help expedite processes. Now immigrants can confirm their permanent resident status without an in-person interview. All one needs to do is to log into the portal and use their details to find out their status.

This new system came about as part of the immigration department’s COVID-19 measures. The immigration minister for Canada, Marco Mendicino, stated that the new process is set to significantly reduce the time immigration officials spend on issuing permanent residence.

So What is the Purpose of the Portal?

The online portal enables Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to have easy access to the personal information of new permanent residents. The IRCC uses the portal to issue new addresses and other essential citizenship details.

It also helps the new permanent residents to find out if they can legally be in Canada as residents. Now submitting required documents needed for an individual’s PR card has been made easy and seamless. One can access their proof of residence with the click of a button.

The beauty of the portal is that it allows new permanent residents to choose which part of Canada they want to reside. This means that one won’t end up in an area they aren’t prepared or adapted to live.

The IRCC Separate Secure Account

One has to wonder if new permanent residents and IRCC officials operate on the same portal. Well, this would slow down the operation speed due to the many commands it would be receiving at a time.

That is why the IRCC has a separate IRCC account that is only accessible to authorized persons. The new portal is not for checking application statuses because only IRCC officials can view applications and update them as necessary. Once all the updates are complete, they make this information available to the applicants.

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