How to Apply for Permanent Residence

Each candidate who applies for permanent residence in Canada has to create a profile for themselves. Even if you’re applying for residence as a family, each member needs to have a separate profile with a username and a password.

The IRCC made sure of this because each candidate needs to be able to access their own account. IRCC officials are not meant to access the portal on behalf of a user.

To test the new portal, IRCC sent out invitations for applications in October 2020. The system was designed and developed by Deloitte, a multinational professional services company, so Canada was not worried about getting a raw deal. It’s only customary to test a new system to ascertain that it functions as it should.

How the Portal works

Once a candidate’s immigration application gets approved, they get an invitation to confirm from the IRCC.

Once a candidate confirms that they want to use the portal, an account is created for them with the help of an IRCC representative.

Individuals then receive an email with a link to the created account. You use this link to access the portal and follow the instructions to sign in with your username. Each candidate gets a temporary password which they’re advised to change to one of their choosing.

The next thing is to update your postal address and upload the photo that IRCC will use to create your PR card. You should get your PR card a week after the IRCC that the photo uploaded is acceptable for use.

Wrapping Up

With this new portal, the IRCC hopes to admit more immigrants to the country. The only system helps IRCC representatives to expedite the admission process and ensure that errors are greatly reduced.

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