The first question people get asked when they say they want to move to Canada is, “But isn’t it really cold?” and yes, Canada is definitely freezing; more than you can imagine.

The extreme climatic condition might be what most people know about, but it’s not the only downside of moving to Canada. The taxes are also really high, and you will feel the pinch if you’re moving from a taxless country.

So why would anyone move to Canada?

Let’s find out.

The Tax Issue

It takes some getting used to like every other new thing. If you’ve just moved to Canada, or you’re planning to, you might want to start calculating how much you actually pay for the stuff you buy.

Since the prices of items, especially in brick and mortar stores do not display the sales tax, calculating this on your own gives you a picture of what you’re dealing with. This is an excellent way of learning about federal and provincial tax, non-refundable and refundable credits, as well as many other tax lingos so that you’re not ignorant of your financial situation.

Expensive Mobile and Internet Plans

Another thing that will completely take you by surprise is how expensive mobile and internet plans are. You should be prepared to spend on monthly subscriptions to stay on the internet.

The last issue you’ll grapple with when you move to Canada is paid leave. Like the United States and Japan, employees in Canada are entitled to very few days off work. According to the provincial government, you can get only two weeks of paid vacation each year. This means that you’ll basically be required to work all year round.

You could say that Canada is the definition of a working country. Even though some employers offer more vacation time to gain competitive advantage, it doesn’t make that much of a difference.

In addition to the paid leave, you’re also entitled to five personal days that are allocated to each employee in case of an emergency or illness.

So why Move to Canada

Despite the challenges in Canada, it is a perfectly okay country to move into. The truth is, there is no country out there that’s without fault.

Freedom of Expression

If your reason to move transcends material things, you will enjoy staying in this beautiful country. It is the perfect place to live if you value your freedom of expression because the expression laws have provisions that ensure everyone has room to express their true selves.

Countries that put people into labelled boxes are not foreign to us. If you’ve lived more than one decade, you understand how important being yourself is to personal growth and development. When one suppresses who they are for fear of judgement and backlash, a part of who they are dies. The freedom of expression in Canada ensures that you grow into all that you can ever be.

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