Over the years, significant interests to move to Canada have sparked globally. Apart from being ranked among the most peaceful country, the quality of life in Canada attracts immigrants from multiple nationalities seeking greener pastures and aim towards improving their lives from the numerous opportunities available in Canada.

Immigrating to Canada remains easy for foreigners provided they follow the legal immigration guidelines presented through different Canadian immigration programs. There are diverse pathways, which include, working, studying, temporary residence, spousal sponsorship, among other viable programs for immigrants to pursue in their relocating to Canada.

The programs are over 100 that individuals can explore if they desire to move to Canada. All the programs have guidelines including eligibility, fees involved and the process, which many have used to relocate to their dream destination. The Canadian government continues to support the programs to fulfil different needs, especially in the labour sector across the vast provinces in Canada.

The Remitly Research

A study by Remitly has established that Canada is indeed the dream destination among numerous people. The study conducted an analysis of search volumes with phrases that related to relocating abroad among 100 countries.

From the results, Canada topped as the desired destination from 29 countries that established their interests in moving to the country. After Canada, there was Japan in second place with interests from 13 countries. Among other countries that featured as potential destinations included Germany, Qatar and Australia and the United States at ninth place.

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