Living away from family is tough, and with COVID putting a hold on traveling it doesn’t make it any easier because you have no way to visit. Those with family in Canada have been restricted from being able to cross the border to see them, and it’s been this way for virtually a whole year. There are families out there who haven’t seen each other since the pandemic started, and that cannot be easy. I myself didn’t get to see my grandma before she passed from cancer and didn’t get to see my other grandma until about a month ago. And they were from the same area, so I can’t imagine how it is for those separated by country borders. Don’t give up hope, though. Those with family in Canada still have a chance of being admitted into the country, and I am going to be telling you how!

IRCC Requirements

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which is in charge of who is allowed into the country, have protocols and allowances set up to help with families separated by COVID. If you have immediate family members who are Canadian citizens, such as a spouse, child, grandchild, a parent/step-parent, or a guardian/tutor, then you have a chance to get approved for a long-overdue visit. Extended family, along with anyone in a dating relationship with a Canadian citizen can also apply. But you must be wondering what these qualifications/requirements are that need to first be met.

Firstly, have a plan! I can’t overstate how important it is that you have everything set in advance. By the time you get to the border, you should be able to answer any multitude of questions that are sure to be coming. This plan should cover how you’ll be covering your essential needs, like housing and food. So make sure you have somewhere to stay and money to keep your belly full! Your plan also has to include your reason for visiting, as the IRCC is only allowing those traveling for serious reasons, no trips to go site-seeing or other leisurely ventures. It is worth noting that your travel plan needs to be for at least 15 days, any less and you will not be allowed to visit, sadly.

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