It was all set for May 13, Canada was to hold a round of Express Entry by invitation only.

The event was held by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Those who were invited need to score at least a 401. That is 1 point more than what you needed for the draw before that. Also, if you wanted to be in the IRCC, you needed to qualify for the Canadian Experience Class (ECC) as well. That is you have to have had 1-year of working experience in Canada. Also, you will need to have a good understanding of both English and French.

There was a cutoff time and date for the tie-break rule. Now, if you had a score of at least 401, you were invited. The restriction is that you needed to submit your Express Entry profile on or before April 29.

It was a major element of the selection process that all members of the CEC have experience in the Canadian labor market. If you have experience in Canada, it will correlate to higher employment and higher earnings.

There are so far more nearly 66,500 candidates who were invited to Express Entry. That is a new record set for this year. We have outnumbered the invitations from last year. The reasoning behind this may be the IRCC is holding more draws for the Express Entry. There is an effort to admit more than four hundred thousand new residents to Canada in 2021. Many of these may already be in Canada. The reason may be that the CEC and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) have high numbers of candidates already in Canada.

For instance, if you were entering a draw for either the CEC or PNP, you may have experienced that your scores had to be different. The CEC requires lowers scores because you would not be competing against other candidates for invitations. So, with the larger draw sizes, it will permit you to be invited still even if your score was low. Previously, when the CEC held a draw you would have needed to score a four-hundred or better. PNP candidates have been gifted six hundred points. So, the score requirements will be considerably higher.

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