If you are traveling from the United States, this step doesn’t apply to you, but for everyone else, you will need written authorization. The family members you’ll be visiting will be required to fill out an authorization form. On the IRCC government website, you can find a guide pointing you in the right direction to get this done. Once finished, both you and that family member will have to sign it, with your relative having to do this in front of a Canadian official. It isn’t as intimidating as it sounds, though, so don’t worry over this and you now have gotten through half the battle!

As you get to the border, you will be required to show a negative COVID-19 test. One negative test and border crossing later, you will now be required to quarantine. The amount of time required varies, and those who are visiting for an emergency may be able to skip this or at least cut down the number of days needed. So if someone in the family is sick, dying, or going through another sort of emergency then it might be good to have some sort of proof to show, as it might help your cause! Those coming over the border by car need to quarantine for 14 days, while those traveling via air have to stay in a hotel approved by the government till they get the results for their COVID test, which can take 3 days.


I know times are rough at the moment, but I hope that this article can help you finally spend time with the loved ones you miss so dearly. As they say, a family must stick together, and hopefully, COVID no longer keeps you from getting back together with yours!

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