There are many rumours that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government are planning to reopen the Canada and United States border. That is, of course, just the talk of the town lately. No one knows for certain when the border will be reopened.

It is being contemplated whether to allow those who have been vaccinated to go between the countries. Currently, it is required that those who wish to travel back and forth be tested for the virus. Also, there is a mandated fourteen-day quarantine. These are a few of the things being considered with regards to reopening the border.

The approach is in line with the Canada Health Minister Patty Hajdu. She is considering permitting some in the US and Canada to add their vaccination evidence to their passport. If they do so, it would allow them to travel between the countries. There are some using vaccines that Health Canada does not approve of. If it is permitted to cross the border with a vaccine passport, this question will come up. It is said that Trudeau is working with the European Union to get some aid with aligning the Canada and US border to reopen.

Because of COVID-19, the 2 countries decided to close the border between Canada and the US in March 2020. That is, the border was closed to unessential travel, and remained open for essential travel. That did not come without restrictions, though. It affects the economy on both sides of the border. Mostly, though, it affected Canada more. Those who work in tourism and the airline industry were hit the hardest.

It will be a gradual occurrence for reopening the border. It will all depend on the number of cases each country has. For instance, in Canada, they have been hit hard with the third wave of pandemic cases. It seems to be more than the US. Many in Canada are saying it is because there was a slower rollout of the vaccination. The reasoning behind that is there was a limited supply. It may be September before all of Canada is vaccinated against the virus.

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