Canada has announced the application of open work permits for caregivers. The state has called to all individuals who are interested and qualify to apply for permanent residency under the Canadian Interim pathway for caregivers. Importantly, applicants can go for the open work permit, which is also an option.

In accordance to Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), every interested applicant should have made their submissions before March 21 for open work permits not to mention the candidates should also apply for permanent residency. According to IRCC program, those who will not meet these deadlines, their applications won’t be reviewed.

The program has set strict conditions for all interested candidates. For starters, interested individuals have to pass IRCC’s eligibility test, which will serve as the linchpin for processing the open work permits. Candidates who will not meet this pathway requirement will be eliminated.


A caregiver applicant for open work permit to be eligible they must

  • Be living in Canada
  • Be willing to reside in one of the province or territory of Canada with the exception of Quebec
  • Possess all the legal paperwork such work permit, which will serve as a plus to the Live-in Caregiver program work permit
  • Qualify for restoration status—for instance, if they have a pending application for restoration, possesses a work permit as their most recent document other than Live-in Caregiver program permit
  • Have proper authorization to work without permits in cases where they have applied for work renewal
  • Have participated in the eligibility test, passed, and have been given the go-ahead to apply for permanent residency.
  • Be key candidates in permanent residency applications as stipulated under the Interim Pathway for Caregivers

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