Research conducted by Quebec provision government compiled a report of the most in-demand careers required in Montreal, which include nurses, heavy machinery and computer engineers. Employers are looking for candidates for these areas equipped with skills and academic qualification from regions outside of Canada. However, the study predicts that Quebec will face a shortage of candidates until early 2021 across many fields.

Quebec’s largest cities require more engineers in the category of computer and aerospace and also programmers, retail and wholesale supervisors, mobile doctors and interactive media designers as reported by Balance of the Labor Report. Both Montreal and Quebec hire skilled and unskilled workers who are at high demand while technology firms employ many individuals depleting labor force of the country, hence requesting candidates overseas.

With an increase in the shortage of workers, Quebec experiences lack of employees on all sectors including the skilled and the unskilled. Some of the top industries with greatest shortages include building and construction, tourism and hospitality services, hospitals, and the transport sector. Despite the federal government policy to reduce the immigrant levels, Quebec remains affected significantly in the shortage of workers across all fields. Contributions to the Job Sector in Canada provides an opportunity for international job seekers to get jobs in both Montreal and Quebec. It has been in the industry for over sixty years offering clients job search amenities under the federal government laws and regulations. Statistics from the government shows an increase in job positions in Quebec from the last twelve months due to the current policies, which reduced the number of immigrants into the country.

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